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Testimonials from our valued customers

Dearest Karuna/Deelip

I was going to phone you personally – but you beat me to it. Karuna, we were not celebrating this year because of my Father-in-law’s death as well as his brother’s death. So the stuff that I bought was for my home – because my boys love all of it.
The goolab jamun was the best ever! My boys just loved it. It is exactly the way I make it. Thank you sooooo much. Samoosa etc also great – as usual. As a working woman (out-of-town), I also found it very convenient to email my order to you. Thank you for everything. I must add that the Diwali card and the gift was a nice touch. It makes it so personal.
Next year I will give you a much bigger order. You are a star!



Dear Deelip
Sorry we did not give you feedback sooner. Your sweatmeats and samoosas were out of this world. They were tasty and fresh. One can make out that they were made with love and the best ingredients. My wife Kaventha was saying that we have now found our permanent sweet meat supplier. We are definitely going to recommend you to our friends and family.
Thanks once again.
Jithan Bridgmohan

Hi Karuna
Your pattaria rolls were absolutely fantastic.


Hi Deelip

I liked all your products with the exception of one. I found that the channa magaj lacked texture – normally it has a nutty crumbly feel and taste. The one that you made was too smooth, and had a bit of a raw taste – I don’t think that it was cooked long enough. The burfee, sev, karkaria, goolab jumuns, etc were all delicious. Hope this helps.